Research Team

miko's pictureMichael Cañares is managing consultant of Step Up Consulting based in the Philippines.  At Step Up, he manages five research projects related to open data – the Open LGU Research Project which looks into open data initiatives at the local level in the Philippines, an agency-readiness assessment on open data of the Philippine national departments, two synthesis papers – one on Open Data and Intermediaries and another on Open Data at the Sub-national Level, and an action research on modes of capacity building on open data for civil society organizations. He also works part-time as project manager of the Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta, leading the Lab’s research projects that looks into how citizen engagement with open government data can be instigated, strengthened, or improved.

Miko is a Certified Public Accountant with advanced degrees in law and business education.  He completed his MSc in the faculty of economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.



Marijoe Narca is the coordinator of Holy Name University’s Center for Local Governance. She was once a Dean of the College of Computer Science of Holy Name University before she works as full time associate in the Center for Local Governance. A member of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators and the Java Education and Development Initiative, Ms. Narca has been engaged in consulting work with Step Up since 2006, more particularly in developing user-friendly, easy-to-use systems that would track progress of community development projects in the Philippines in a format that is readily accessible to different users and stakeholders. Ms. Narca holds a degree in information and computer science, and about to complete a masters degree in computer science.



Dave Marcial, Phd, is dean of computer studies at Silliman University. Dave’s research is on ICT applications and how this has impacted society more particularly the education sector, drawing from extensive studies in IT (bachelor and masters) and blending that with his doctorate degree in educational management. Dave is an author of numerous papers and has presented his work in different conferences in the Philippines and abroad.  He is currently the president of the Philippine Society for IT educators, and the founder of the Society for Information and Communication Technology in Teacher Education.  More information regarding Dave can be found here.

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